Heart-in Candy

The milk candy hearts are a rich, beautiful treat that's versatile and delicious. Every piece is made using high quality milk candy that's molded to form a solid heart shape.

Heart candy is a great choice for events that celebrate love and friendship. Give them away during Valentine's Day or use them in shower and wedding favors. Our gold milk candy hearts are especially attractive thanks to their elegant presentation.

Each solid milk candy heart is protected by a thin layer of shimmering foil. The surface is covered in a breathtaking metallic gold hue that produces the same shine as the metal. Unwrap and enjoy the amazingly sweet taste of traditional milk candy!

These irresistible heart candies look sophisticated whether you pour them into a jar or bowl or display them on a tray with other treats. Impress coworkers and clients by keeping our bulk milk candy hearts at work or save them for home snacking!

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