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For centuries the art of using Sugar for Candy manufacturing has grown drastically and the invention in itself dates back to 3000 years. Sugar confectionery is an art form that has been booming ever since.

With the vision of making candies and the traditional swirl lollies available at an economical price, the house of Denley was launched in the year 2018. An in-depth understanding of the Indian markets on this trade has helped Denley food industries grow drastically in such a short span. With the motto of providing value for money, taste and most importantly Customer satisfaction, Denley has grown to become the most favorite brand Pan-India.

Today Denley food industries specialises in several other products like Center filled candies, Peppermint Lozenges, hard boiled confectionery and the Everloved scrumptious Lollipops. We make what you love. Denley- Har Dil ki pasand!

We are re-defining the world of candy with luxurious gifts handcrafted. We combine whimsical flavors with classical French techniques to create a truly unique experience with every candy bon-bon. Making each bite memorable making our candy gift boxes the perfect gift.

We are committed to pushing the boundaries of candy to create one-of-a-kind flavors inspired by ingredients and spices from around the world. All of our creations are all natural, made without preservatives and flavorings. We roast and grind our nuts and spices in house to maximize freshness and flavor in every bite of candy.

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As a company rooted in Denley, our mission is to help create a beautiful, compassionate and enduring world by responsibly making delicious and inspiring products for everyone.

Learn the professional methods of creating molded candy shells, ganache making and piping with a Theo chocolatier. Observe table tempering and learn how to do it easily at home. After practicing your new-found skills, you’ll leave with ideas for at-home ganache making and a bag of your creations! .

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Package arrived very fast, well packed and the candy was extremely fresh! A gift for my friend because she is obsessed with Candy Choculates. She wouldn't share with anyone else but me!


"We used it for our wedding. We set up a candy bar. Who doesn't love Sour patch watermelons? Definitely a hit with the guests! Also my wife's favorite gummy candy of all time.


“I just had to write and tell you good folks how WONDERFUL your products ! I recently ordered your products for making candy bar,...